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It depends on the project, but there are some typical time estimates you can plan around. Small bathrooms usually take two weeks, master bathrooms take four weeks and kitchens take six to eight weeks.
Yes. When a project is finished, I explain how the appliances work, how to seal and maintain granite countertops and other surfaces, and so forth. If a customer ever has questions, they can always contact me.
Absolutely. We use rugs to cover floors and plastic to cover furniture and walls. Using a metal frame that supports sheets of plastic, we actually build a ‘room’ around the work area to control dust and dirt. We never leave any debris in the house—it’s hauled away daily. At the end of each work day, we vacuum and clean up everything, and no tools are left at the site. We want to make sure that when the customer comes home, they won’t even know we’ve been there.
We implement strict guidelines regarding where the crews can go outside of the regular jobsite. For example, we’ll consult with you ahead of time about available bathrooms and where they’re located. I’ve been working in people’s houses for 20 years, and I’ve never had a problem or complaint. But if something ever did happen—breakage, damage or something missing—we’d take full responsibility to compensate you and make it right.
Yes. Even though we guarantee the job will be done according to all codes and regulations, we routinely advise our customers to use permits. We can also pull permits for you.